Giulia and Lucia Starace and their cousin Lucia De Viti De Marco, the daughter of Antonio, a famous economist, are three nobilwomen who dedicate their life to the neighbor. In accordance with their will, in 1982 arises “Fondazione Le Costantine”, an agricultural handmade educational center. A peaceful oasis enclosed by olive tree groves and Mediterranean scrub, in a fascinating panorama near Otranto, Porto Badisco, Santa Cesarea and Castro. It includes the hospitality, the weaving, the biodynamics agriculture and the education.


The weaving studio “ Singing and Loving ” creates textile products with ancient and wood looms, that have four elements ( “licci”) using old-time techniques. The biodynamics agriculture wants to improve the fertility of the earth and the quality of the food, showing in a new way how the work of the man can be in balance with the nature.


The House of Ora receives guests in the old facility that beforehand was a manor farm, between local and traditional walls and centuries-old olive trees.

The professional formation wants to increase the knowledge and the competences for a right working insertion of young and adults. 

The Steiner’s teaching guides childrens in their cultural and human growth.

It is a place where the scents of the country and the sea, become intimate and deep emotions”.


Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations), it gave this award to The Foundation.
During the 2010 Le Costantine Foundation won another regional award: The Oscar Green of 2010 in the category “Local Progression”; it is a yearly date of Coldiretti Giovani Impresa.
On 18th July it received the award Vrani, in its twentieth edition, for having celebrated, protected and valued the reputation of Salento in Italy and abroad. 

On 19th Novembre 2010, sorrounded by the suggestive view of the Palazzo Monte Frumentario of Assisi, Le Costantine Foundation received the prestigious Tourism Culture Unesco Award for the category: hospitality. 
In the context of the important stage of WTE – the first global exhibition of the tourism of the cities and sites of Unesco, in Assisi from 19th to 21th November 2010 – “L’Agenzia di viaggi”, the most important tourism newspaper for 45 years, in association with Trenitalia and UFTAA ( United