Le Costantine Foundation is extended for 33 hectares in Uggiano La Chiesa, near Casamassella, just before the Valle dell’Idro. The blue sea of Otranto surrounds the fascinating panorama of woods and Mediterranean scrub.

In front of your eyes will march olive tree groves, lawns, fragranced brooms, bushes of myrtle, black locusts, holm oaks, pines, botanical rarities for example the Quercia Vallonea and the wild orchids. Around the estate there are proofs of an ancient agricolture: wells and cisterns to group rain water, tanks of stone for the watering of animals, and marks of medieval settlements, in fact there is a little crypt in the wood. Emotions and suggestions of ancient times. The silence and the voice of the pure nature of the place. An internal peaceful feeling sorrounds residents and visitors. 


There are cereals, vegetables and citrus grove in which you can find an honeybee farm … they are the first re source of this earth, which is worked with love following the principles of the biodynamics agricolture. It was invented by Rudolf Steiner in 1924 and it shows the man’s work can be in correlation with the nature’s laws. Every produce of this kind of agriculture is endorsed by an high quality brand “ Demeter ”. For sale, extra virgin olive oil in this size : 0,25L – 0,75L – 5L; vegetables in season.